Monday, 28 September 2009

peace & love to everyone that you meet.

these adorable little beauties from asos have pretty much made my day.
i am a bit of a CND freak (which is what the sign is actually for) so i think i need to get a pair of these right away.
peace out dears :)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

yes, i am a mop-top.

so i got my hair cut on friday & i'm not entirrrrely sure i like it.
it's not really that different to how i normally have it cut, but it's all one length instead of being angular & shorter at the back, which is what my hair used to be like. i don't think it's got enough layers in it either, & i don't have a fringe any more so to me it just feels a bit strange.
i was really really reaaaaally tempted to go for a crop, a bit like laura marling's hair, but i want to be totally sure before i get that done.
i feel like being really drastic & spontaneous at the moment, just to break the monotony of my life. even if a crop looks rubbish, i don't care because i just want something wildly different to happen, i just feel so dull & mundane sometimes i want to scream.
as it happens, i didn't go for a crop.
tedious beyond belief.
i'm so sick of my hair it's unreal.
it looks better now it's curly though, they always blowdry it straight at the hairdressers which makes my hair completely devoid of volume & life.
seriously, why is it so difficult for hairdressers to grasp the fact that i like my hair messy & unruly? it's just so much more me that way
i do hope i grow to like it =/

Friday, 25 September 2009


today's necklace:
artwork by me, joanna & kate. (just so you get the context, my last name is imlah)
this is one of my favouritest pieces of jewellery - from the lovely teaspoon - only i never seem to wear it much as i need a bit of inspiration for what to write on it.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

made it through the forest.

i had an HPV injection today, so my arm is extremely sore & stiff so i am not in the best of moods. also, quite a bit of rubbishness is going on with one of my best friends, so i feel bad for her too.
i've been doing quite a lot of drawing today to try & concentrate on something else, emotion is brought out in art because without it there is no such thing as art, only marks on paper.
that's the way i feel about it anyway, not that i can put it into words very well.
the drawing is also due to my natural form project which i am doing for A-level art (the natural form object i chose to study was the horse chestnut in case you were interested, i might take some pictures & stick them up if i've got time) & for this i have to do some artist research.
i started by studying the guy who personally i think is the grandaddy of natural form, mr paul cezanne.
this is one of my favourite paintings of his, it's called the forest.
i just think it i beautiful.
i love the lighting & the colours he has used & i think the trees just look really ethereal.
i love art like this so much, it's hard to describe really. it just makes me really calm when i look at it, like all my worries melt away.
a work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art - paul cezanne.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

girl from the north county

those among you who are fans of bob dylan (or bobby d, the bobster, his bobness - those are just a few of the nicknames i like to give him on occasion) will have recognised the title of this post as one of his most well-known songs.
i am a pretty huge bob dylan fan, so much so that i refer to him only as bob, like he's an old friend slash mentor of mine that i have sadly never met.
i have been searching for a bob dylan tshirt for a while all over the place, i tried his website & other specialist music tshirt websites, and although they all looked good, they were all a bit too expensive (and on top of that had a huge p&p charge) or just not my taste.
i went on to scouring ebay rather obsessively for quite a long time, and i must say it is one of my favourite places to buy tshirts, they're so original either being handmade or vintage - definitely not something you can just walk in to a shop & buy!
after a great deal of searching & deliberating, i chose a men's XL tshirt with a silhouette of the bobster on it. the picture is from the cover of his the times they are a-changing album.
i was so excited when it arrived, it took a while to get here so i had forgotten all about it until a package arrived for me.
it's a lot wider & not quite as long as i imagined so i'm not entirely sure how i'll wear it.
this was yesterday's outfit, i decided to wear it as a dress with lilac tights (river island) & my flamingo cardigan (dorothy perkins). i think it may have been a little short so i'll team it with a high-waisted skirt in future.
don't ask what my leg is doing in that picture, but i thought a full-frontal shot would be good too.
i'm hoping i can get away with wearing it for school, it goes really rather well tucked into my pencil skirt & i'm running out of outfit ideas for the conformityness of the sixth form dress code.
in my first outing in the bobby d tee, i went out shopping with my friend joanna for art supplies & ended up spending quite a bit more money than i probably should've done on clothes etc.
i bought a wonderfully oversized pink & white stripey shirt from primark; a sailoresque purple & white striped tshirt, some fantastically vintagey-looking turquoise flower hair clips, a pure white bow hairband, some lovely & warm blue gloves with bows all from h&m. photos will probably have to wait a while as my camera has decided to go on the fritz.
on another note, i'd just like to say thank you to my followers :)
7 really is a magical number.
it means so much to me to know that there are people out there who have an interest in my bizarre (yet hopefully endearing) outlook on life, thank you so much for reading.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

alas i cannot swim

i cannot believe how long it feels since my last post!
this is rather ridiculous seeing as it's really only 4 days, but i was feeling a little bit of a withdrawal. the thing is, i love writing & this is such a great outlet for that. i had an amazing english lesson today, i felt very cultured discussing books & poetry, ahh it was so lovely!
i also got my art sketchbook from my gcse art exam back (i posted about this a while ago, at the time i was not very happy) & looking through it was quite nice, just thinking about how much i'd worked & how many things have changed since then.
anyway, i digress.
basically those two things combined together - missing writing & feeling inspired - led me to do this post.
i was listening to one of my favourite laura marling songs just before on (it was new romantic if you were wondering) & pictures of her came up on slideshow, and i must say i am in love with her wardrobe!
i don't quite know how, but laura manages to make this shabby looking outfit absolutely gorgeous. i think it's the oversized denim shirt & the marbled effect umbrella that pulls it all together.

a blue checky shirt, so simple yet so so cute!

love the blue contrast with her pale skin.
i'm a very pale girl myself & blue is one of my favourite colours to wear, it just seems to go so well.

okay, i just think the facial expression on this photo is rather awesome.
that & her totally folktastical guitar.
and are those raybans i spy hanging off her tshirt?

a tartan shirt, seriously need i say more?

i love the interesting white blouse with the dark jeans, and this photo is just amazing. makes me think of isaac newton for some reason!

the cropped hair suits her much more i think. she looks so sophisticated, i can't believe she's only 19!
i'm pondering whether to get my hair cut the same way, i quite fancy a pixie cut.

this has to be like the ultimate in festivalwear; leggings, an oversized tshirt & a truly groovy multicoloured headscarf.
(and perhaps an admiring fan to help you pull off the look)
i realise of course that this is a bit of a girl-crush post, but laura marling practically is my idol. i adore her songs, they're just filled with such honesty & maturity it's frankly amazing. i wish i could write songs even half as good as that.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

tears of a clown.

i love mimes.
well, they creep me out a bit on person, with the staring eyes etc, but i do quite like the way they look.
the pale face, the gorgeous stand-out eyes, the gothic-but-in-an-understated-way black lips, the cute monochrome outfit complete with shakespeare-esque ruff & a quirky hat; it would all be a bit colourless for me if it wasn't for those lovely rose cheeks.
one of my favourite quirky jewellery giants, tatty devine, have created some extremely cute pierrot (clown/mime) inspired beauties for their A/W jewellery collection.
oh, how adorable is this brooch.

i love these earrings too, the little hearts give these boys a cute twist.

these ruff-patterned hearts are also winners in my opinion.

i wish i had the patience to wear rings, but i always tend to sit there fiddling & twisting them round my fingers. this ring almost has me converted.

this is by far the cutest necklace i have (possibly) ever seen!
the heart comes with a choice of colours too, pink or blue.

another of my favourite classic tatty devine designs, is this wizard of oz inspired delight.
they are just divine, i just wish i had a pair of glittery red shoes to match!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

time to stock up on the jumpers.

it's been an oddly sunny & warm day today, probably the last one for a while as we head deeper & deeper into winter.
still, winterwear can look pretty chic if you wear it right.
i can't wait to get the long cardigans & the thick woolly hats & scarves out, but i think i need to buy a few more jumpers & a couple of pairs of thick tights.
on a quick browse of topshop, i discovered this rather beautiful jumper - which is a collaboration with arthouse neurotica.
i have quite a penchant for grey sweaters with quirky illustrations, and i love the little-girlish image on this piece.
heart shaped balloons are also a favourite doodle of mine B)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

i read the news today, oh boy.

happy beatles day everybody!
in case you haven't seen the many documentaries or the many, many articles in many, many, many papers, you may have missed the fact that today, on 09/09/09 (because 9 was john lennon's lucky number don't you know), the beatles' remastered albums & the beatles rock band game - which i soooo want to play! come out!
can i get a woop woop?

oh, look at them.
how sweet those moptops are.

champagne all round methinks.

*this post is dedicated to john lennon (RIP), paul mccartney, george harrison (RIP), ringo starr & the excellent george martin, without whom the beatles may never have acheived such incredible success. also to yoko ono, dhani & olivia harrison, giles martin & all the people at harmonix*

Monday, 7 September 2009

eco can be cool

a bracelet & 2 brooches i bought from the eden project in cornwall.
they're made entirely from organic, eco-friendly, pesticide free etc etc felt which is gorgeous, i love the colours so much.
it took me about 20 minutes in the shop trying to decide which colour combos to get, in fact i went back several times & swapped!
the red flower i decided would be a present for my mum on her next birthday, cause she loves bright colours (like mother like daughter) & eco-friendly things.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

car boot sale

during my stay in cornwall i visited a couple of car boot sales & picked up some rather lovely stuff for pretty darn cheap.
this necklace was only £1.
it's lovely, very woodstock meets 1940s cameo necklace i think. but that's just my opinion!
sadly the chain is broken but i'm pretty sure i'll be able to fix it.

this cameo necklace was £5, but i do think it was worth it because it's such a gorgeous colour & i've never seen a flower cameo necklace before. although that could be suggesting i need to get out more.

this was only 50p & i love the way it looks like a cross between something tacky & something quite expensive looking.
a bit like me i guess haha!

love the deep red colour of this necklace. i prefer silver jewellery over gold usually but i think this is rather cute.

a sparkly brooch of a girl with a hat & a parasol, how could i resist this beauty?

i also managed to find some records for pretty reasonable prices.
i got an elvis costello record for £5, i don't really know much about his music but i like punch the clock which is the album that my dad has so i think i'll probably like my aim is true as well. hopefully!
the eddie cochran record is apparently quite rare, although i managed to sweet talk the guy on the stall & got it along with the john lennon record for only £7. a bargain? yes i believe so.

the man on the stall was rather lovely & i sort of befriended him slightly (his name was phil) and he told me about this everly brothers greatest hits picture disc which is meant to be really rare. despite that, he gave it to me for £10! i love records, you can buy rare ones & they still usually come out as less than you would pay for a cd.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


gosh it's been ages since my last post!
this isn't through lack of things to post about (in fact there have been loads), just a total lack of internet access!
we had a really long drive down to cornwall, it took us 8 hours in fact!
glastonbury, my spiritual home!

the, erm, entertainment at the local bar.

port isaac, where they film doc martin!

the doctor's surgery in doc martin; if you don't know the show you won't really get this, but this was a huge moment for me!

we also went to westward ho!
this was all down to me, basically i just wanted a picture of the sign because it is the only place in britain with an exclamation mark in its name.

we also went to land's end.

after that lighthouse, there's nothing but sea until america. pretty cool i thought.

the cherry parking zone at the eden project.
they were all named after fruit, very cool indeed.

the eden project, so spectacular.

how cute are the lantern hanging things?
i really wanted to buy some of these in the gift shop, but i couldn't find any :(

this was a display thing in the wall in the mediterranean biome which i though was amazing!
it's just some white flowers in a clear tube, but the effect is really pretty.

my attempt at doing a bit of cool photographyness.
major fail!

the groovy rainforest pond thing

i love this quote, ever since i read it in about a boy (by nick hornby).

cool fountain thing.

these flowers are beyond pretty, in a weird way they remind me of some floaty blouses i've seen in topshop.

the secret bamboo maze that me & my brother found.

the other passage we found, this one was really beautiful, like something out of a fairytale. sadly my picture doesn't really do it justice.
apologies for the long post about nothing in particular, things will return to normal soon, i just had to get all the cornwall stuff out of my system!